You may have heard your HVAC contractor say you should have AC maintenance done every year, but is this really necessary? Yes, it is, especially if you don’t want to have to shell out more money than you need to on repairs. Keeping up with routine maintenance for your air conditioner will benefit your system (and your wallet) in the long run. Let’s look at five reasons why you need an AC tune-up every year, and how residential air conditioning services can let you get the most out of your system:

Regular Maintenance Is Cheaper than Repairs

Just as you go to the doctor for a checkup to detect diseases and conditions early on before small problems turn into expensive catastrophes, you should have preventative maintenance done to your AC system so it will not have major issues down the road.

During a tune-up, an HVAC contractor can detect broken parts or minor problems before these become more significant problems. The technician can replace the breaking parts and guide you through the process of having the whole unit replaced, if this is necessary.

A Tune-Up Reduces Cooling Costs

An AC unit that is full of dirt, dust, and debris will not operate air conditioner is 5% to 15% less efficient with a dirty filter. By cleaning the air filters yourself and having an HVAC contractor give your AC a yearly tune-up, you could make your cooling system more energy-efficient, saving you money on utility bills.

A Maintained AC Unit Has a Longer Life

Much like anything else in your house, the air conditioning system needs to be cleaned from time to time. If you neglect to have it cleaned and don’t have individual parts replaced when they need it, you risk shortening the life of your unit. A system that is regularly tuned up could last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. You may be looking at costly replacement costs in a shorter amount of time if you don’t have your AC maintained.

Yearly Maintenance Helps You Meet Warranty Guidelines

You will not be able to rely on your air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty unless you have it maintained by an HVAC professional. If you want to get replacement parts from your manufacturer, you’ll want to make sure to schedule tune-ups every year.

When to Call a Professional for an AC Tune-Up

The best time to schedule an AC maintenance appointment with your local HVAC technician is before you’re having difficulties with your system. At Ace Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re committed to providing first-rate AC tune-ups for our clients. For more information about our AC maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services, contact us today.

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